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Nothing, indeed, is more dangerous to the young artist than any conception of ideal beauty: he is constantly led by it either into weak prettiness or lifeless abstraction: whereas to touch the ideal at all you must not strip it of vitality. You must find it in life and re-create it in art.
But this restless modern intellectual spirit of ours is not receptive enough of the sensuous element of art; and so the real influence of the arts is hidden from many of us: only a few, escaping from the tyranny of the soul, have learned the secret of those high hours when thought is not.


Oscar Wilde
De Profundis
Poster nr: 1
Francis Bacon
The New Atlantis
Poster nr: 3
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
The Coming Race
Poster nr: 14
Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Poster nr: 15

Art Philosophy

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Poetry and Truth from My Own Life
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Letters to Zelter
Poster nr: 2
Oscar Wilde
Art and the Handicraftsman
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Oscar Wilde
House Decoration
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Oscar Wilde
Lecture to Art Students
Poster nr: 6
Letters & Reviews
Oscar Wilde: Art and Morality
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Charles Baudelaire
Baudelair Essays: The Dandy
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Oscar Wilde
The English Renaissance of Art
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