At Variance

The cause behind the increasingly ugly and crude functional aesthetics of the modern car and its required web of transportation lies in the fact that modern man hardly has any other ways of moving and being moved, of transporting himself other than by means of constant gratification of desires, pursuing, chasing and grabbing this or that object of his will. Desires which can only be satisfied by moving horizontally, either himself, or having others move for him.  And so he moves en mass all day looking for gratification of his desires, and as soon as this one desire is temporarily satisfied another desire comes into his mind, and he moves himself in order to grab the other object. And so he tirelessly moves horizontally all day, either to grab the object instantly, or to his work, in order be able to do much moving and grabbing later, until he is tired at the end of the day, in order to repeat the same thing afresh the next day.
Being increasingly insensitive to a myriad of finer and spontaneous pleasures, not able to transport himself other than horizontally and physically chasing definite obtainable physical objects and commercially pre-baked 'experiences' at some definite location, being ever more unable to enjoy and be transported in a disinterested manner. The pleasure afforded by grabbing the objects and experiences which he pursues, by ever more being pre-baked  are short-lived by their nature, so the ease of being able to move, speed and sensual comfort while moving has become the main objective of modern man. He is ever more locked up in a craze of desperate moving and grabbing, building a senseless desire-driven web of roads and highways on which he may collectively rapidly in the shortest and straightest way move towards definite locations in his pre-baked web by means of his crude but functional vehicle of transportation.
Democratic media should best be experienced and tolerated as a crowd of dogs barking and howling incessantly and tirelessly at the other end of one's in such times badly needed double or triple-glassed windows. Democratic leaders, save an exception to the rule should be best regarded as overly ambitious provincials tirelessly trying to manage and regulate everything which should not be managed, and to leave what should be managed unmanaged. In fact, the whole of the period which the modern democracies last should be regarded as a climate change of ever more unsustainable noise which no posterity will take an interest in, a feast of the people of which no one cared to record and preserve the tales, as no material for a worthwhile tale, either narrating the particularly good or bad can be distracted from it. So it will be the task of the isolated individuals to sustain in times of bad weather.
Often when we are compelled to be engaged in an activity of such nature which satisfies most people, those activities which the egalitarian agreeing majority all around us  find either stimulating or necessary, activities which appear to make them quite content as they occupy themselves en masse day in day out with these, we feel in ourselves a vague resistance born of boredom. It is as if vaguely in the background some monster of emptiness creeps upon us, as if some cloud of dull greyness comes over our mind, or as if we find ourselves in a desert where some full and vast sameness grabs a hold of us. Hence we delay these activities, lest our minds would become permanently incorporated, that we become part of a societal machine. An impressive machine which moves incessantly, but at the same time in despite of many claims which try to convince us otherwise appears to our mind to go nowhere, but running in circles of sameness, and in despite of its ceaseless activity appears to the faintly but consistently revolting mind to do nothing. Procrastination is the resistance of our spirit, its protest, its method to not become fully swallowed, impressed by the mighty impressive agreement, as if being taken over, it is the best of protest most people are currently capable of under forceful conditions presented as freedom.
Procrastinators should be warned that they will do best to not get into the hands of do-gooders who offer to help them out, as however well intentioned the latter maybe, they will inevitably make the procrastinator to be disciplined to fit into the march of the societal machine.